Avril 26, 2017 Kate Noakes


Kate Noakes is our featured poet  @ L’Openbach  on 4/26/2017 along with Carrie Chappell. Noakes will be reading and selling her new book Paris, Stage Left, Eyewear Publishing, 2017.

I am a poet, short fiction writer, novelist and elected member of the Welsh Academy.
My published poetry is as follows:
Ocean to Interior, Mighty Erudite, 2007.  The Wall MendersTwo Rivers Press, 2009.
Cape Town, Eyewear Publishing, 2012.   I-spy and Shanty, corrupt press, 2014.  Tattoo on Crow Street, Parthian, 2015. Paris, Stage Left, Eyewear Publishing, 2017.

My work has also been widely published in magazines such as The North, Poetry Wales, Mslexia, Planet, Poetry Ireland Review, Iota, Envoi, The SHOp, Magma, The Wolf and Poetry Salzburg Review, and in the UK national press. I have performed at venues as diverse as The Troubadour, Glastonbury Festival, the Poetry Society, Nottingham Poetry Festival and Henley Literature Festival.

I was founding President of Paris Lit Up, a not for profit literature organisation in the City of Lights in 2012.

I have degrees in Geography, and English Literature and a MPhil in Creative Writing and have taught creative writing for Oxford University and the Poetry School. My current practice is focused on contemporary culture and environmental matters.

For more info: boomslangpoetry.blogspot.co


Penelope: identity theft

I chose the hardest fibres
to strip my skin
jute, copra

to slice the whorls
from my fingertips
hessian, raw flax.

I am weaving lead.

Forth, back
the shuttle flies
the cloth wefted red.

Right, left
the pedals tread
my legs, my legs.

Sundown, yards done
well, not yet.
I sink on my bed
my head, my head.

The clamour from
the waiting boys too much
“Wed me.” “No, me instead.”

In darkest night
I cut the warp and pull
unthread, unthread.

My new skin
pricks with dread.

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