25 juin 2017 Lara Stapleton


25.6/2017 Lara Stapleton, Bruce Edward Sherfield, Ana Seferović & Kirsty Allison will be reading @ Tennessee – Paris 12, rue André Mazet 75006 Paris (France)

Lara Stapleton is the author of The Lowest Blue Flame Before Nothing, a Pen Open Book Committee Selection and an Independent Booksellers’ Selection. Her poetry, essays, and stories have been published in dozens of periodical, including the LA Review of Books, Ms. Magazine, and Glimmer Train. She co-edited two anthologies, Thirdest World (Factory School) and 25 Very Good Stories (Soft Skull Press). She is now at work on a television project about antebellum New Orleans. Born and raised in East Lansing, Michigan to a Filipino and Irish-American family, New York City is now her home.

Excerpt from new work:

“My friends have become brilliant with insult. They speak of his hands and his urine stream. They call him demoralizer-in-chief, cretinous. They are finding obscure terms from the Norman rule of England, these are writers, after all. They call him the Performance Artist, they pun with words for ass and bowels. They mock his hair and his orange tan and his butt-mouth and his penis. 19-kinds of stupid, and bad smelling. They notice he’s made his daughter first lady (an abuser never wants to honor his wife). They mock his small vocabulary. We are appalled, indignant. We are more of a we…everyone on my social media says “we” meaning all of us who think this is wrong, every shade of us. We like the CIA better than we used to. We think Nike and Coke, those flesh-eating monsters, with their multi-culti commercials, are on our side. Alliances in a game of thrones are anything but noble, they are only cunning.”




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