Boni Joi will read on 09. 03. 2018

Boni Joi is a poet, archivist, and editor/project manager for Black Square Editions ( She has a M.F.A. from Columbia University and has read her poetry at numerous venues in New Jersey, New York, England, Switzerland, and elsewhere. Her poems have appeared in Big Hammer, Lungfull!, Maintenant DaDa Journal, The Brooklyn Rail, Boog City Reader, This Broken Shore, Those This That, and many other journals. Boni is a rotating cast member of the show Mortified. A clip of her performance was featured on National Public Radio’s This American Life during an interview with the progenitor, David Nadleberg and her piece was published in the book Mortified: Love is a Battlefield (2008). She co-curated The Proletkult Poetry Series and helped produce New York’s alternative New Year’s Day reading. Her first collection of poetry, Before During or After Rainstorms, was published in 2012. Boston Review wrote: “Armed with an eye for the particular and a knack for gentle satire, Joi writes from the front lines of a doomed fight for America’s spirit, but does so with a bright infectious gusto.”

Before During or After Rainstorms

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