If you’re looking for some cool, trendy bar in the north of Paris to hang out with some cool, trendy people, then this is not your place. However, we do have the amazing privilege of hosting the launch of the magazine of our friends and associates from across the pond, and if you’re feeling frisky, you too can sign up and read on the same stage! It simply does not get any better than that.

The Opiate is a New York/Italy/Paris-based literary magazine born from the notion of getting back to the sense of community of writers that saw its renaissance during the era of the symbolists. Rather than focusing on “who you are” or “who you know,” The Opiate prefers to read the work submitted without bias and without thoughts of “marketability.”

With the latest issue, Vol. 13, The Opiate continues its mission statement with evocative works of fiction and poetry from Zeke Greenwald, Jacob Harrell, Kenneth Vanderbeek, Brett Stout, Marissa J. McCants, J.L. Horner, Mather Schneider, Jason Francis Mc Gimsey, Conor O’Sullivan, Leanne Grabel, Stinson Anderson, Adam Gunther, Erica Schreiner, Megan Mealor, Ingrid Casey, Sarah Helena, Edward L. Canavan, Thomas Fucaloro, Kim Cope Tait, Isa Guzman, Deirdre Fagan, Alexandra Antonia Klimenko, Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar, Alison Grace Koehler, Marius Presterud, Cecilia Knapp, Amy Barry, Nicholas Calderbank, Robin Lee Kelly, Rich Ives and Tongo Eisen-Martin.

Join us May 24th at Culture Rapide (103 rue Julien Lacroix) in conjunction with Paris Lit Up & Poets Live (hosted by Malik Crumpler) to enjoy readings from writers from the present issue, as well as ones from the past. Copies of Vol. 13 will be available for sale, in addition to some from “the vaults.”

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